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The media manager 106 may also indirectly manage media content stored on the media player 102.A peripheral cable 108 couples the media player 102 to the personal computer 104.Several embodiments of the invention are discussed below.As a computer-implemented method for automatically updating a playlist on a media system, one embodiment of the invention includes at least the acts of: determining whether media content available to the media system has been altered; and automatically regenerating the playlist when it is determined that the media content available to the media play system has been altered.The automatic update to playlists can also occur when previously stored media content is otherwise altered.The invention can be implemented in numerous ways including as a method, system, device, apparatus, and computer readable medium.Although the creation of the playlist is automated after the user specifies the appropriate rules, the playlist that is created is fixed.Unfortunately, since the audio tracks in libraries often change (e.g., new audio tracks added), the playlist that has been created soon becomes unreliable.

The invention will be readily understood by the following detailed description in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, wherein like reference numerals designate like structural elements, and in which: The invention relates to automatic (or dynamic) updating (or maintaining) of playlists for a media system that stores and plays media content for a user of the media system.

Typically, the peripheral cable 108 couples data ports provided on the media player 102 and the personal computer 104.

In one example, the data ports can be FIREWIRE ports and the peripheral cable 108 can be a FIREWIRE cable.

Embodiments of the invention are discussed below with reference to .

However, those skilled in the art will readily appreciate that the detailed description given herein with respect to these figures is for explanatory purposes as the invention extends beyond these limited embodiments.

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