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Grief-based support groups in person and online often function to provide a safe place for women to open up about their feelings and begin to process and heal. Feeling as though one's head is spinning or that you're in a cloud is normal, as is the desire to confirm the doctor's finding once or twice or more times because of disbelief.

Being told there is no heartbeat on ultrasound or that miscarriage is inevitable often feels like a punch in the gut, followed by a sense of disbelief. Just a moment ago this pregnancy was real, and now my world is crashing down. Many women continue to experience transient nausea until hormone levels drop, making it hard to believe the pregnancy has ended.

They may also be angry at her friends who have had babies despite realizing this is not logical.

Even the most rational woman may be very easily angered and hostile at those around her, seemingly without cause because she is angry at the situation.

Eventually, days will pass without thinking of the miscarriage, which can cause guilt. It can be physically uncomfortable to downright painful, but the emotional aspects of a miscarriage are far more profound, multifaceted, and often require more time for resolution.Whether a woman is newly pregnant or farther along at the time of miscarriage is irrelevant—loss is loss. Once the OB provides a due date, we naturally construct a mental image of what life with a baby will look like, and thoughts about a new family flood our minds.As a result, women often report feeling highly isolated and alone in their grief, which is unfortunate and unnecessary considering that one in two women have miscarried.Finding other women who have similarly suffered a miscarriage and can be there for you to empathize and provide a shoulder to cry on is incredibly helpful.

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This period is notable for looking for ways to right the wrong, to find a reason and to remedy it.

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