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During the World war II the works fulfilled military orders, and the basic equipment was evacuated.

In the post-war period the blast furnace was reconstructed and was put into operation by the personnel of the works.

From 1919 until 1922 the mill produced railcar castings, bearings, straw cutters, oven castings.

In January 1923 the mill was given a new name "Svobodny Sokol" (Free Falcon).

In 1973 the pipe casting plant No1 was reconstructed and equipped with new centrifugal pipe casting machines.

In January 1975 reconstruction of pipe casting plant No2 was finished and outdated centrifugal casting machines "541" were replaced by equipment with higher productivity, "LN-102A" machines.

In 1990 the first line of the ductile iron pipes casting facility was put into operation.

Since 30-s the mill specialized as a pipe casting factory.

On November 1, 1934 the first iron water pipe was cast at the pipe casting plant No1.

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