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In Greek, Αρμένιοι "Armenians" is attested from about the same time, perhaps the earliest reference being a fragment attributed to Hecataeus of Miletus (476 BC). A minority of scholars had in past times attempted to link the Akkadian terms Armânum or Armanî with Armenia.

The first to mention this country's name were the Akkadians as Armani.

That’s particularly fucked up when you think about it because it means men are being conditioned to fear one of their own body parts.

I shouldn’t have to explain that it is the gender of the people you choose as partners and not the activities you choose to do with those partners that determines your sexual orientation (and nor is any one sexual orientation better than another, although some are unfortunately afforded more privileges at this point in our history), but somehow it’s a revelation that is still just occurring to some people.

With so many stories of “dating gone wrong’’ all around us, the broken trust; wounded egos, couple violence, date sexual assault all this leading to depression, substance abuse, suicide and even homicide.

Though most adults do end up forming more permanent committed relationships, which may involve marriage and or children, not all who do remain faithful to those relationships.

The country's name "Armenia" is a creation of the 6th century BC.A blacktip reef shark can only grow up to 6 feet long yet a sand shark’s size begins at 6 feet long.Some great white sharks can reach lengths of 27 a city of extremes, anything your heart desires is available here, from fabulous five star hotels & restaurants to down & dirty backstreet beer bars offering sex drugs & rock & roll.The earliest attestations of the exonym Armenia date to the Achaemenid Empire.In his trilingual Behistun Inscription, Darius I the Great of Persia refers to Urashtu (in Babylonian-Assyrian) as Armina (in Old Persian) and Harminuya (in Elamite).

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Additionally, it is known that the earliest affirmed peoples of the region, the Hurrians-Urartians and Hattians spoke language isolates such as Hurrian and Hattic, which were unrelated to Armenian, which is an Indo-European language.

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