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Traipsing around the Lower East Side in a dirty tour bus, this movie about the power of music bringing two lost kids together is peppered with snark, grit, and snappy humor.

Like the i Pod that unites them, the movie may feel a little dated, but you’ll want to keep watching it like it's that favorite scratched mix CD you made a decade ago. There’s a lot of comic-inspired ass kicking and super villianous exes, as well as some not so great original garage band music. ” It may be a pretty cheesy premise to base an entire movie on a pair of magical jeans that fits four best friends of different sizes, but this aughts classic -- based on the book series of the same name -- is a genuinely heartwarming story about female friendship.

There may not be any pumpkins-turned-into-carriages or fairy godmothers, but there is a really great kiss in the rain amid a high school football game.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Teen Dating Violence The teenage years are filled with emotion, hormones, and growth.

It’s got everything you could ever hope for and more out of a teen movie (including a solid original song), all told with a heaping helping of dry British humor.

You’ll probably find a bit of yourself in Georgia in this underrated coming-of-age flick.

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by Bri & Nicole, loveisrespect advocates Here at loveisrespect, we often talk with people who are experiencing abuse in their relationship, and they want to determine why their partner is being abusive towards them.

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