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Someone else who can actually read words properly pointed out that he’d completely misunderstood the study; women are perfectly happy to date those further down the IQ scale, it’s the guys who aren’t prepared to "mate up".

Yesterday, I watched a Twitter argument unfold between two media types I follow.

One – a male journalist who considers himself to be one of those idiotic ‘meninists’ – was sneering at new stats that say increasing numbers of women are freezing their eggs because they can’t find men on their intellectual level.

I’ve been single on and off for about five years and, look, I’m not saying I’m Einstein – I have way better hair – but I clever, and proud of it. Pretty much every man I’ve ever dated – or even every man I’ve randomly snogged in a dark bar – has commented in odd tones about me being smart and ambitious.

They’ve said "oh" with an edge to their voice when I’ve told them about my 10 years as a journalist and gone quiet on Whats App when I’ve mentioned having written a book.

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