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I don’t know all the details, but apparently a “girl” he was messaging on there stole/hacked his info, and used it to run up a large pile of fraudulent credit card expenses.

My opinion: if you really want to meet someone who’s Christian, you’re going to have better luck just trying to meet people at your church. If you really want a deep dive on the positives/negatives of dating sites, apps, etc., I highly recommend reading Aziz Ansari’s book on the subject.

Nearly 32 year old female, I used the site on and off over the past 8 years.

Questions like "Do you believe that Noah's flood was a real event? Not only do you answer questions about what you think/how you are, but you also choose how you would want your prospective mate to answer, as well as rank the importance of the question. I signed up and literally right as I clicked the "pay for membership" option my account was suspended for fraud and they required me to email them a copy of my drivers license to prove my identity.Online dating generally does not work well if you are not traditionally attractive (example: are tall and have good looks) as you won't get many responses.My general recommendations: My dad used it awhile back.I know we all fall short of the glory of God and Christ’s sacrifice forgives all sin but they willingly sinned believing that there was no problem doing so.I’m starting to believe the majority of the men on the site are looking for high teens/young twenty somethings rather than us worn thirty something women.

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