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And I’m not one to spit in the eye of progress when it comes to green products and energy saving upgrades- quite to the contrary! Your historic wood windows were designed when families planned to live in a house for generations.

The value of a historic home lies largely in its historic features. There are countless original windows in homes built not just in the 19th but 18th and 17th centuries that are still in service today!

And lastly, you should consider adding historical storm windows to dramatically increase their efficiency.

You can add these on the outside or even better the inside to preserve your home’s appearance from the street.

A stucco fireplace works very well with Mexican terracotta tiles and the bold colors of decorative ceramic tile accents..

Stucco is a very durable material and can be used to construct outdoor fireplaces and indoor fireplaces in various finishes from smooth to textured and in many colors.

Stucco tends to go on the outside of a building and is made of a material made to withstand the elements of nature.

Plaster, on the other hand, is typically used indoors and has a smoother finish for an elegant look.

This question was asked by a member on Zillow, and a few members said you should expect to pay about ,000 for a 1,200 square foot home to replace the entire wiring system, bringing the replacement average to about per square foot if you’re looking to have an entire home’s system replaced.Remove or cover those up and you destroy the value of the home. Properly cared for these windows can last indefinitely.So, in the interest of educating some of you about how to invest properly in the value of your historic home and to save some valuable historical elements from the landfill, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 worst mistakes we see when it comes to restoring historic homes. This has got to be the most widespread mistake and my personal pet peeve. For a time these new windows are extremely efficient; however, they have a few flaws that make them a bad choice. The use of old-growth lumber, which is more rot resistant than today’s lumber, combined with the simple design and function of most historic windows makes them extremely resilient.Being in the business of restoring and preserving historic structures, I have seen many a house that made me cock my head in amazement at some of the frightening things people do to “upgrade” their old homes. ) architectural elements and replace them with off the shelf items from the local big box hardware store all in the name of “improvement” or “energy-efficiency.” Don’t get me wrong, I know that the science of building a house has been added to significantly in the last 100 years. Just because you won’t be there doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. Every year people tear out important (and valuable!

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