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She's recently into the gym and slowly incorporating meat back into her life...now, if I could only drag the bread off her table lol! Up that protein presurgery, it helps with the healing process!I think MAP's MO is paleo too...nothing like your doc being paleo to affirm our decisions! I'm going to post on low cost paleo for you soon, this CAN be done on the cheap!Your eyes should also go to the carb and sugar numbers on the chart..numbers? When you say you don't like paleo mayo do you mean the store bought? Any dog that wears pinstripes & fedora needs to be happy! lol, you might want to talk to my cavedude before taking that chance!!Yeah that tastes like satan's backside..you mean the homemade, add way more lemon to make it closer to miracle whip (like double), zippier, or garlic...scare the neighbours with your breath! He might have a different slant :)))Anytime you need guidance or help go right ahead and call or text...always there for ya! JKL (JFK) - My niece went vegan too, had about the same results as your granddaughter, not good.So it looks like I may be living flat anyways.should have were way too easy and agreeable when I said that was the only option I was willing to do right now other then flat.Speaking of food I gotta go make some bok choy and mushrooms for supper.

CAULIFLOWER HEAVENhttps://blog.paleohacks.com/cauliflower-recipes/https://paleogrubs.com/cauliflower-recipeshttps://co/paleo-cauliflower-recipes/SALAD DRESSING MAYO IN MINUTEShttps:// THICKENERShttps:// out your charity: https:// excellent rating site that will help you make wise choices when considering a charity) Aug 16, 2018 PM JKL2017 wrote: I forgot to mention this earlier - my urogynecologist (who is younger, fitter & smarter than I am) switched to paleo several years ago.Btw, I was skimming through the threads and saw that we all owe you a BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!Sorry it wasn't a good day, but we can always celebrate in the cave on foodie Friday! As for your surgery, start calling and diplomatically but FIRMLY ask for answers... Junie - thinking of you..the mayo is sorting things out for you!! Aug 16, 2018 PM Jadedjo wrote: Egads007I called ten minutes ago with a to paraphrase "did my paperwork get lost?They didn't say it but it is feeling like my paperwork got misplaced. I so wish it had been better it wasn't one big thing just a lot of little things in too short a span of time.Blessed be Aug 16, 2018 PM - edited Aug 16, 2018 PM by Egads007 Jade - I feel ya..something is falling out of the sky it generally hits me right onthe head... So glad you got word back..on em' like a good cave chick would...we're nothin' to sneeze at!

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