Updating linux lenovo

- CD naming has been changed to include the OEM, date, and version information.

- Updated documentation, replacing the HTML documentation with a single updated PDF in the (Manuals\English\PDF) folder.

Operating System coverage: ========================== Windows: - Server 2012 Enterprise Edition x64 (and R2) - Server 2012 Standard Edition x64 (and R2) - Server 2012 Datacenter Edition x64 (and R2) Software Compatibility ====================== This release of software supports: - BCM5706 Net Xtreme II Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - BCM5706S Net Xtreme II Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - BCM5708 Net Xtreme II Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - BCM5708S Net Xtreme II Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - BCM5709 Net Xtreme II Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - BCM5709S Net Xtreme II Gigabit Ethernet Adapter - BCM57710 Net Xtreme II 10Gb Ethernet Adapter - BCM57711 Net Xtreme II 10Gb Ethernet Adapter - BCM57712 Net Xtreme II 10Gb Ethernet Adapter - BCM57800 Net Xtreme II 10Gb Ethernet Adapter - BCM57810 Net Xtreme II 10Gb Ethernet Adapter - BCM57811 Netxtreme II 10Gb Ethernet Adapter - BCM57840 Net Xtreme II 10Gb Ethernet Adapter Package NOTES: (1) When updating drivers via UXSPi, the utility will prompt version number(s) of drivers loaded on system that are pertinent to the Operating System being updated.

After the utility completes and drivers are updated, there may be some driver version(s) where the New Version does not match the Installed Version.

Testing Information =================== - HW: - External PHY Firmware versions for 10G Devices - 8727 : v4.06 - 8073 : v2.09 - Solarflare: v2.00 - 84833B1 : v1.52 (0x0134) - This package is provided with Storage at the committed Beta-1 level with very minimal QLogic testing at this time - Tested with V7000 Flex storage node, DS3524, Lenovo XIV, DS8870 storage system and TS3310 Tape Library. - Topologies tested: Lenovo CN4093 in NPIV and Lenovo CN4093 Full Fabric mode were tested. Notables ======== - 10G MBA driver release no longer supports RPL protocol. QLogic will *not* provide field support for unqualified platforms.

Default to VLAN 1002 if VLAN discovery fails: The QLogic NX2 implementation requires VLAN Discovery to work, to be able to discover targets in an FCo E setting.

There is a known problem in the CN4093 and EN4093 adapters, where untagged VLAN Discovery packets are dropped, causing VLAN Discovery to fail.

Please disregard version numbers that do not pertain to the adapter(s) you have installed.

(2) When extracting files from this package, Windows 2008 R2 extract to floppy may not work.

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Updated the following E3/E4 common software components: QCC for Linux and Windows QLNX Remote Agents CIM Provider VI Plugin ESX CLI Plugin 6.5/6.0/5.5 Firmware fixes ---------------- None Driver and Utility Changes -------------------------- RH7.5 package updated for RC kernel CQ99888 | QCC cannot change partition mode to UFP from Default.

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