Updating procedure huawei e220

Also the admin-console is only accessible from LAN-side, so it isn't that much of a security hole there.

In the main screen, very little surprises to anybody who has seen an E5186: This unit was customized for Telia Sonera Finland and it has 3 languages to choose from: English, Swedish and Finnish.

Some firmware details: The network settings were also exactly like an E5186: At this point I was pretty sure, that an E5577 is just a miniature E5186. Since E5186 has a very good AJAX interface for the GUI, and this is just a miniature version of it.

The device details are: As you can see, there are plenty of options to go change. This had to have the same: I even ran some queries just to test it: /api/device/signal: Everything I threw at it returned exactly similar results, than E5186. This was a very pleasant exploration to a familiar device.

Sales clerk had installed the SIM-card in the store, and at home you just kick the power on, and plug in the charger. On my first login, I was greeted by: Yes, the Huawei -pair was in use there.

Since, this wasn't mine, I didn't go change the password.

Depending on what you have it may not allow the outgoing traffic.

Earlier last year I was playing around with a ZTE MF910, which is a exact competitor for Huawei E5577. Occasionally it loses the 4G-connection and requires some Tender/Love/Care to kick it back on-line.On the front, there is a small LCD-screen and a power button. That's smart to put a 3 Ah Li-po battery for maximal usage time.On the bottom edge, there are couple of connectors: Charger is (per Chinese standard) an USB-connector. Under the flip-cover, there are two TS9-connectors for optional external antennas. On the top side of the router, there is a button: That button is used with power-button (when power is already on), to navigate the screen menu: Doing an even remote usable UI with two buttons only is ... When the battery is lifted, all the good stuff is visible: On the top right corner, right next to the 4 battery pins, there is the SD-card slot.The obvious thing that you need to notice is, that traffic is multicast.My firewall rule is: Make sure you'll allow outgoing traffic to multicast address

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For any layman, that looks like just another IP-address, but it isn't one.

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