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It verifies whether the system is ready for code update by performing the health check and if everything fine, we can proceed further. Power On/Off System, and make sure that the Current firmware boot side option is displayed as Permanent) and only then the Reject Fix option gets enabled and the operation can be performed.This operation copies the currently running level (permanent side) to the temporary side.If you are setting a new server configuration, the best practice at this prompt is always to select the IBM service web site option and you need not worry about the need to power off and power on the managed systems in this method.After selecting the IBM Service web site option, you will have a new web page opened, which will show you the available LIC level details.Having known the current firmware levels on the system as described in Section 1 and in order to move up to the necessary latest update that is available, we have various firmware update and upgrade methods as mentioned below.Select the one that is appropriate to your requirement.

Continue with downloading the ISO file if you want burn it to a DVD to proceed with the firmware update using the DVD media, orget the code to a remote FTP-enabled system to perform update using the FTP method.

Then, select the best as per your requirement, or the latest supported.

Be patient here and follow the prompts to complete the upgrade.

The firmware upgrade activity will need time depending on your Internet bandwidth speed.

Do not forget to switch on the server, so that the latest firmware gets activated and reflected in the navigation pane, as shown in the following figure.

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