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Category 1 CSPs are preparations that are compounded in a segregated compounding area, which consists of an ISO 5 primary engineering control—such as a laminar-airflow workbench—that is located outside of an ISO 7 clean room.All CSPs that are prepared in an ISO 5 primary engineering control located in a classified clean room environment are considered category 2 CSPs.The proposed chapter also changes the system for assigning beyond-use dates to CSPs.Instead of assigning a maximum allowable beyond-use date (BUD) based on the risk level of the preparation, the proposed chapter follows a new system for assigning BUDs based on several different factors related to achieving and maintaining sterility.This is not an exhaustive list of changes in the proposed revision of USP chapter strongly recommend that compounding pharmacies review the revised chapter in order to determine how the potential changes could affect their practices.If you have questions about any testing or compliance concerns, please contact us at 800.745.8916.Table 12 from the proposed chapter summarizes these requirements.As indicated in the table above, CSPs that are sterilized in their final container-closure systems (terminal sterilization) are permitted longer BUDs than CSPs that are sterilized via filtration.

This is basically an exemption to USP that allows certain sterile products to be prepared (compounded) without the need for special facilities (e.g., clean room or ISO Class 5 hood) and practices (e.g., full cleansing or gowning).

Techniques should be reviewed annually for low and medium-risk preparations and semi-annually for high-risk compounding.

Topics to cover include: involves more complex “one to many/many to one” sterile compounding in an ISO 5 environment where multiple additives may be aggregated into an infusion device, batch compounding, and/or pooled admixtures that cover specific situations that arise during compounding.

Some of the changes are significant and will require major adjustments in pharmacy systems and processes, while other changes will be easier to accommodate. The current chapter classifies compounded sterile preparations (CSPs) as low-, medium-, or high-risk level CSPs based on the sterility of the starting components and the number and types of compounding manipulations.

The proposed chapter, however, eliminates this system of classifications and instead classifies sterile preparations as either a category 1 or category 2 CSP based on the conditions under which the product was prepared.

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, nonsterile compounding is defined as combining, admixing, diluting, pooling, reconstituting other than as provided in the manufacturer’s labeling, or otherwise altering a drug or bulk drug substance to create a nonsterile medication.

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