Validating a group of checkboxes in asp net

The POST returns the model object to the form view and maintains the pre-completed form if the model validation fails. Form Model.s Checked() and Form Model.d Checked() help maintain the state of the submitted form. The part-completed form are not lost for Static Check Boxes and Dynamic Check Boxes simultaneously.

In conclusion, this is a brief example of one of the simple ways to handle such tricky input-form lists.

Follow the following steps for validating checkbox in mvc razor.

public class Registration Model //Making Custom attribute for validating checkbox // IClient Validatable for client side Validation public class Must Be True Attribute : Validation Attribute, IClient Validatable Now, you have applied the custom validation to the checkbox.

You could use this to build something more complex for your application in the future.

In this article, we are creating a simple Check Box List in ASP. For creating this Check Box list, we are going to pull data from the SQL Server database using Entity Framework Core. Inside that, from the left pane, choose Installed . For adding a folder, just right click on the project (MVCCore2), choose "Add" from menu that pops up, and choose New Folder inside that. Now, let’s add a class with name Database Context in Models folder.

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Inside this database, I have added a Category table. After adding a Database Context class, next we are going to inherit Db Context class.

It will open a new dialog with the name “New Project”. But, before doing this, let's start with creating a folder for Models and inside that, we are going to add this class.

This validation works for client-side and server side.

I hope you will enjoy the tricks while programming with MVC Razor.

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