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You use model state - or more accurately, the model state dictionary - to represent validation errors. Add Model Error("Description", "Description is required."); if (product To Create.

For example, the Create() action in Listing 1 validates the properties of a Product class before adding the Product class to a database. Units In Stock In Listing 1, the Name, Description, and Units In Stock properties of the Product class are validated.

Once again, the model binder gives up and adds an error message to model state.

If you want to customize the appearance of these prebinding error messages then you need to create resource strings for these messages.

Figure 03: The Create view submitted with problems (Click to view full-size image) Notice that the appearance of the HTML input fields are also modified when there is a validation error. Text Box() helper renders a attribute when there is a validation error associated with the property rendered by the Html. There are three cascading style sheet classes used to control the appearance of validation errors: Note The Html Helper class includes read-only static properties for retrieving the names of the validation related CSS classes.

These static properties are named Validation Input Css Class Name, Validation Field Css Class Name, and Validation Summary Css Class Name.

In my windows form projects , i have validated the fields using Boolean method.

Process Schema Location; Xml Reader XMLvalidator = Xml Reader.

The goal of this tutorial was to describe the basic mechanics of validation in the ASP. You learned how to use model state and the validation HTML helpers.

We also discussed the distinction between prebinding and postbinding validation.

The default model binder adds an error message to model state automatically when it cannot bind a form field to a form property.

The default model binder cannot bind the string "apple" to the Price property of the Product class. Therefore, the model binder adds an error to model state.

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The Create() action exposed by the Product controller in Listing 1 accepts an instance of the Product class.

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