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Not all of these are as effective as one would hope: A better approach to validating JSON input is the use of a JSON schema.Similar to the XML schema, which is written in pure XML format for validating XML, JSON schema is written in pure JSON format for validating JSON. There are almost 30 validator implementations written for Java, Ruby, C, C , Python, Java Script Perl and other languages.There are several excellent tutorials available to get you more acquainted with these concepts.A good starting point is the excellent guide given here: Principal Software Engineer @Constant Contact.

We also saw how to validate the document using DTD while using the SAXBuilder. The example below specifies two methods to specify an XSD externally. If you get into syntactic trouble with either and want to know what the problem is, use the JSON lint web page to validate the JSON formatting.We’ve only scratched the surface of what is possible using JSON schema to validate JSON requests.I work on web service APIs to create new and interesting small business marketing solutions.I have spent the majority of my 7 seven years with Constant Contact working on the Event Spot team.

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