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Vegetarian diets eschew meat and fish, but commonly allow eggs and dairy products.

Veganism takes this idea to the next level, cutting out every item of animal origin.

More so currently than in the past, vegetarianism has earned attention as a healthy way to eat and live. In fact, many people consider vegetarianism to be an entire lifestyle that can affect not only the types of food you eat but how you cook, shop, and operate in your daily activities.

World Vegetarian Day was created to raise awareness of the vegetarian cause.

World Vegetarian Day is observed annually on October 1.

Should we adopt this, our diet will soon become known as a VEGAN diet, and we should aspire to the rank of VEGANS. The virtue of having a short title is best known to those of us who, as secretaries of vegetarian societies have to type or write the word vegetarian thousands of times a year!My intention here is to define vegan in a way that maximizes its power to encourage people to embrace plant-based lifestyles.To begin our consideration of this topic, let’s start by looking at how the word vegan differs from vegetarian.The website allows non-vegetarians to pledge to follow a plant-based diet for one or more days during Vegetarian Awareness Month. Likewise, some vegetarians choose to consume neither eggs nor milk yet still do not consider themselves entirely vegan.Vegetarians are encouraged to get their non-vegetarian friends and family members to sign up for a chance to win prizes from the North American Vegetarian Society. Thus, vegetarianism is a somewhat complicated issue for many people.

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