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Basically, many women are little obese with the forms. No one in Venezuela hesitate to take advantage of paid love. For 20 years, many women already give birth to two children.

The streets are full of gays, transvestites, which can be easily distinguished by appearance. But if you want there are a lot of specific places where you can easily find a girl for the night. By the way, Venezuelans often do not marry and do not create a family. When mother is 30 years old, these children are old enough, and a woman can continue having rest. Or the father is local malandro who goes shooting and getting the money in this way.

The dawn is also at six.– Very positive people who live a carefree life.It’s like watching a Hollywood movie – where all the girls are beautiful, you come to the US – there are no such people on the streets.Similarly, in Venezuela girls are not so pretty, as we imagine that Latina hotties.Venezuelan people, are disorganized, and in some cases very unpunctual.Nowadays, Venezuela is very related with the baseball, this is because we have a very strong baseball team, and in the aspects of football (soccer), we are not that recognized.

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