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The concept of "identification" with other addicts is why NA works. When we focus on any one particular drug, we are ignoring a simple truth; Addiction is not about the drug, it is a matter of how we think... We also have a Narcotics Anonymous forum (or message board).We have found that addicts around the world are the same. The forum is another place to share our experience strength and hope with other addicts.We believe that addiction is a disease of the spirit.Our Narcotics Anonymous literature speaks of "God as we understand him"..Come and join other recovering addicts celebrating the miracle of their recovery.

While we do not suggest that online NA meetings or fellowship is a replacement for attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings in your home town, we do find it useful in our recovery as a supplemental tool to help us to stay drug free. NA-Recovery has an online chatroom where we hold Narcotics Anonymous meetings every night.

We fear we are injuring and killing addicts by providing a place to avoid going to local meetings, and cannot continue to do so in good conscience.

This website is the gathering place of an online group of addicts.

We noticed that if we tried to stop using, we couldn’t.

We suspected that we had lost control over the drugs and had no power to stop.

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  2. The point of cleaning out your house is to cut all emotional ties and end your relationship for good. While you may be unsure why this is necessary to recover and move on with your life, pursuing a new interest allows you to redirect your life's focus.