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She admits she has been a twice-yearly Botox user since 2003, which puts her in good company; last year more than 3 million doses of the drug—a purified form of botulism toxin that temporarily paralyzes wrinkle-causing muscles were sold in the U.S., making it the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure.Rebellious football player Johnny falls for cheerleader Tracy.

However, when their relationship is discovered there's trouble all around, forcing the young lovers to flee.

To all those hopeless romantics out there, its a fun one for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

American actress and producer, Virginia Madsen, is best known for her portrayal of Helen Lyle in the horror film Candyman.

The film is a documentary about the lives of older women.

On the creation of the film, she said her mother's active lifestyle was an inspiration to start filming.

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Virginia Madsen's first effort as an actress was as her brother’s assistant in magic shows the two would concoct for their family.

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