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Because women aren't with them for who they are as a person.So if you answer a woman's dating questions directly, you're communicating that you're a provider from the beginning of a possible future relationship — which means a woman will conceal her true intentions from you in order to leverage you and get the benefits through you.During the 1920s, LGBT people in Berlin were generally tolerated by society and many bars and clubs specifically pertaining to gay men were opened.

You want a woman to be with you for WHO you are, right?

Despite two of the three main political parties in the German Government being socially conservative on the issues of LGBT rights, Germany has frequently been seen as one of the most gay friendly countries in the world.

Another poll in 2013 indicated that 87% of Germans viewed that homosexuality should be accepted by society, which was the second highest in the world (only 39 countries were polled) following Spain (88%).

Because you want to avoid that — at all costs, right?

The key to identifying them is to stay alert, with a questioning mind.

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