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Residents of the Castro will recall that it was rock musician, author, and porn-model Aiden Shaw’s tumescent tool, displayed in all its splendor on arty Pierre et Gilles designed club fliers, that aroused much hubbub when a handful of bluenoses in the district decried its in-their-face presence in store windows and under the windshield wipers of parked cars.

That very same Aiden Shaw will lead his aggressive rock band, Whatever, in a half- hour set on the fair’s main stage, beginning at about 3 p.m.

I don’t care what others want to say about themselves, that’s their thing.” But his lyrics say it best: "who am i, what'cha want don't stick me in some box with a sticker my way doesn't play along i can't live to your definition classify, you'll never know nothin, or is that what you want generalize, compartmentalize don't try puttin me in some box"* Born in the former East Berlin, Muller now owns the all-digital Flasher Factory recording studio located near his So Ho flat in New York, where he’s putting to¬ gether his sec¬ ond album.

When he isn’t doing that, he likes to party, and can fre¬ quently be seen wearing Jean-Paul Gaultier designs in trendy restau¬ rants like Moomba in the West Village.

htm), an Internet-based maga¬ zine he founded to convey impor¬ tant information to combat the activities of neo-Nazis and other extremist groups in Germany and around the world.

page 15 Timothy Mc Veigh (no, the good one) is coming to SF. 40 • 1 October 1998 Serving the Gay & Lesbian Community for more than 27 years Sharon Mc Night, fliden Shaui to play Castro Street Fair Sunday by Mark Mardon T he man whose massive member aroused so much angst in the Castro one year ago will be making a live ap¬ pearance with his rock band at the Cas¬ tro Street Fair this Sunday, October 4, though presumably he’ll keep his pants on.

His first album, We Are The Majority, flirted with gold in its European release.

His comment about the steamy video for one song, “Best Thaing,” was that “it’s a very hot video with people kiss¬ ing and touching each other in many ways. Maybe that’s the way I like it.” As for his own sexuality, the handsome entrepreneur told the Bay Area Reporter, “I don’t use la¬ bels. Whether I walk down one side of the street or the other, or both - that’s my thing.

The 1996 legis¬ lation applied to all operators and to more areas of the Internet.

Oxley believes that the reworked legislation is more likely to survive a legal challenge.

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page 18 There is nothing like this Dame The Ednafication of America starts here in San Francisco. And the cabaret singer and Tony Award nominee whose name has become synony¬ mous with AIDS fundraisers in San Francis¬ co will travel from her home in Los Angeles to perform at the fair, belting out the tunes that have made her a favorite in the local queer community.

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