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For drug-eluting stents, the time course of complete healing in humans is unknown.

A stent is a foreign object in the body, and the body responds to the stent’s presence in a variety of ways.

Stents are indicated to improve the diameter of the coronary artery lumen, when narrowing (generally because of atherosclerosis) causes ischemia (reduced oxygen delivery to the muscle supplied by that artery).

Differences between outcomes with stenting and with coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG) are a point of controversy.

A recent study comparing the outcomes of all patients in New York state treated with CABG or percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) demonstrated CABG was superior to PCI with DES in multiple vessel coronary artery disease .

The ARTS II registry compared a cohort of patients treated with multiple-vessel stenting with DES, to the historical CABG cohort in the ARTS I trial (itself a randomized comparison between multiple-vessel bare-metal stenting vs. bypass surgery, only a small minority of patients with multiple-vessel coronary disease have been eligible for inclusion in the studies, and for most patients, clinical judgement by experienced operators suggest one or the other approach is preferred.

CABG.) At three-year follow-up, major adverse cardiac events were comparable between the ARTS II DES group and the ARTS I CABG group. Like all invasive medical procedures, implanting stents in the coronary arteries carries risk.

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For those requiring PCI or surgery, medical therapy and revascularization should be viewed as complementary rather than opposing strategies.

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