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He didn’t eat any food and only drank few tablespoons of water daily.Over 75,000 people came to view him at the site of the event.His mother raised him by herself by herself for several years until she married a John Bukalo and moved to New Jersey.David saw one of his first magic shows at age four with at street performer displaying his skill at subway station as people passing by.

He has entertained celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, John Travolta, Harrison Ford and Johnny Depp as well as former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. His fascinating techniques left have people spellbound with usual twists on convention, such as his card tricks , fire breathing, bullet catching, and sword swallowing shenanigans.Without David directly stating his religion, we can only speculate that he is either religious and private or non-religious.As with his religion, politics is something he rarely talks about.James Partin I am freelance writer, I have published works in Examiner.com, The Helium Network, Hubpages, The Cincinnati Gazette, and Yahoo Contributor Network. In the show he would pull off amazing magic tricks right in front of random people on the streets.

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