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Seth: Because Oliver’s insanely wealthy and well-traveled? Seth: But on the other hand, he’s also clinically depressed and chemically dependent. The mustache, however, is distracting, perhaps because Harrison has maintained the same boyish appearance dating back to his long run on “Grounded For Life.”Sans mustache, he won fans playing a pair of Sams on the relatively short-lived, but relatively adored “The Loop” and “Reaper.” And once Harrison stopped fiddling with the mustache, we discussed what drew him to “Breaking In” and its similarities to those previous cult favorites. I read maybe six or seven shows where they’re three different couples in different stages of their lives.BH: Yeah, I guess I’m getting recruited and it’s certainly the same in the work sense as with “The Loop,” sorta being the eyes and ears of the audience coming into a new world. I don’t think we get maybe as zany as “The Loop.” There are definitely differences. BH: There are a few shows that I could have done that are on the air, but that doesn’t mean…They become best friends even though they’re at two totally different places in their lives. Adam and Seth have been nothing but gracious and amazing with all of us, like “If you have a joke, pitch it.” There’s no negativity in that regard. If you’re an actor, if you’re not writing as well, or you’re not going to improv classes, there are long spurts where you’re not physically in production — unless you’re Channing Tatum at this moment right now — where you need to be doing something.Look at the Judd Apatow kids and the line of talent he’s produced and that’s because somebody really took them under his wing and said, “Alright.

Tell me if I’m missing one, but there’s not one half-hour, single-camera comedy where there’s a caper once a week.was a roller coaster ride of emotions and rock; a roller coaster filled with strippers, porn stars, and the goddamn lead singer of Poison.It was one of the best dating shows on TV and remains demonstrably superior to is that it culls its contestants from real life.All around us are people dressed as the usual Sailor Moons, “Star Wars” characters and, for a very specific reason, familiar faces from “The Goonies.” Harrison’s costume isn’t very elaborate. In all honesty, you get handed scripts during pilot season and this was the best thing I read. And working with [creator] Adam Goldberg again was a big thing and working with [director] Seth Gordon, that was a huge thing, “King of Kong.” I really responded to the material and I thought that we were doing something that was fresh and it just had a different tone to it than a lot of the other comedies I was reading.His character — brilliant hacker, occasional slacker Cameron, recruited to Contra Security by Christian Slater’s Oz — is dressed as a janitor, but other than the mustache, he looks a lot like Bret Harrison. A lot of times during pilot season, you end up seeing kinda the same pilot.

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