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But don’t count this easy-going Texan out of the game just yet. Teenage girls find him attractive, and so do older women. And southerners like his taste in country music, southern rock and classic rock.All it takes is one more solid night of singing and strong fan support, and this season’s oldest finalist could find himself in the top 2. It’s still unlikely Casey will win the title, but it’s not impossible. If this were a political race, Casey would have the teen vote, the college vote, the cougar vote and the southern conservative vote virtually locked up. Just something to consider before you anoint Lee or Crystal as the next American Idol.But before the trip, each contestant was praising the people of their hometowns for all their support, and Crystal said she hoped her performances would help lift the spirits of the people of small-town Elliston, Ohio.Crystal was honored at a parade in Toledo, Lee threw out the first pitch at a Chicago Cubs game and Casey gave a concert before lots of screaming fans (estimated at 2,000) in Fort Worth.Six singers remained atop the two-hour event, but as we learned from last week’s double elimination of Walker Burroughs and Alyssa Raghu, no one — not even someone the judges love enough to nickname — is ever really safe.The name of the game was “Woodstock & Showstoppers,” meaning that each finalist would sing a song performed at the 1969 music festival, followed by an “inspirationally powerful” second song of their own choosing — the latter of which included a complimentary coaching session with former Here’s the thing about this performance: The notes were there, the energy was there and the confidence was off the charts.— but the producers made the golden boy already look like the Season 17 champion, thanks to flashy, finale-style production with his name literally in wall-sized lights behind him. That and Laine’s newly learned Elvis-the-pelvis gyrations have probably already clinched him a spot in the season’s actual finale. Get ready to party with a Hardy on May 19." data-reactid="67" — but the producers made the golden boy already look like the Season 17 champion, thanks to flashy, finale-style production with his name literally in wall-sized lights behind him. "Former vice president Joe Biden said Tuesday that he would prefer to choose a woman or a person of color as his running mate should he win the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination" Joe, how about a transgender as a running mate?

Crystal suffers from diabetes; she had to be hospitalized one day before a live Idol performance, prompting the show's producers to push the performance date back by one day.

I’m just not sure it was the best song choice, as the final product felt somewhat watered down without a Joplin-style grasp.

That said, it deserved much more than these nonsensical remarks from Lionel Richie: “You are not just a pretty face, my dear.

STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSESHere’s a quick glimpse of the three remaining finalists, where they’re from, what they do best and where they could use a little help…

Musical influences: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Harry Connick Jr., Ronnie Bowman, James Taylor, Frank Sinatra Did you know?

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The talent is showing all over the place.”Grade: B OK, time for the results…

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