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That discussion launched pretty much immediately after accusations began toppling powerful men across industries; Matt Damon found himself under fire then for deriding a “culture of outrage” surrounding #Me Too, and for saying that there’s a “spectrum of behavior” when it comes to sexual misconduct.

Damon apologized for his statements back in January, but King said she agrees with his sentiment.“That doesn’t mean I’m discounting what the women are saying,” King said. ’”Winfrey recalled King telling her, as the news about Rose first broke, “I feel terrible, but I don’t think you abandon people when they make a mistake.” With 35 separate women accusing Rose, however, it’s hard to blame anyone who wonders if “mistake” is really the correct word.— Steven Spielberg’s new — TV shows suggest a witch can’t be both powerful and good—but why?

When Chozick asked King if redemption was possible for accused men, King was blunt: “Amy, murderers are walking around. They might not be able to get [their] jobs back, but surely there must be room for some redemption somewhere.”“I don’t know what the answer is to that, and it might be too soon,” King added.

“Maybe people don’t want to hear that.”As accused men gradually make their way back into public life—and in some cases, like that of Louis C. return to the profession from which they were temporarily “banished”—there’s been an ongoing discussion as to how, precisely, such returns should be handled, and if they should happen at all.

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What I’ve said previously still stands true, and bears repeating now: women will only achieve equality in the workplace and society when there is a full reckoning and behaviors change.

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  1. While she started off with sweet responses like how she was “Actually happy” and not “so into Bambi”, she later dropped the truth bombshell about Scrappy.