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So Missy is finally wifed up, it is allegedly being reported through the streets of Atlanta that rapper Missy Elliot and her girlfriend Saraya have decided to TIE THE KNOT.

It was an informal private ceremony but I have a feeling pics will surface soon!

Elliott went on to win five Grammy Awards and sell over 30 million records in the United States.

Elliott grew up in an active church choir family, and singing was a normal part of her youth.

Elliott began her career as a featured vocalist rapping on Sean "Puffy" Combs's Bad Boy remixes to Gina Thompson's "The Things That You Do", (which had a video featuring cameo appearances by Notorious B. G and Puff Daddy), MC Lyte's 1996 hit single "Cold Rock a Party" (backup vocals by Gina Thompson), and New Edition's 1996 single "You Don't Have to Worry".At the age of four in 1975, she wanted to be a performer, and, as biographer Veronica A.Davis writes, she "would sing and perform for her family".In reality, the pair had found refuge at a family member's home where their possessions were stored in a loaded U-Haul truck.In 1989, Elliott formed an all female R&B group, called Fayze (later renamed Sista), with friends La'Shawn Shellman, Chonita Coleman, and Radiah Scott.

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