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They made me realize that I’d kind of stopped making music for myself in a way.

They were still so supportive and they’ve been waiting for a new album after so many years and I realized how lucky I’ve been and how much I’d taken that support for granted.” are a direct reflection of Missy’s feelings while she was finding, as she says, who she was without music.

— technically five years, since it came out a year earlier in her home of Australia.

And considering she’d written most of the songs from that album years before, we’ve been missing out on a lot from the bisexual musician.

“It kind of ruined my love of music and my instrument started to give me anxiety and it just all became too much.

So I just walked away from music and after doing a lot of talking with my family and friends, I realized I had to quit indefinitely and if I made my way back to music I wanted it to be without any pressure or without any stress and happen completely naturally, which is what happened.

Given Name: Melissa Morrison Higgins Age: 36 (8/19/1983)Occupation: Music - Singer Most Famous For: for the hit singles "Scar", "The Special Two", "Steer" and "Where I Stood" "We just started talking and began hanging out as friends.

That made a huge difference to me.”One of the things that changed the course of Missy’s music also happened on Lilith Fair: She met Butterfly Boucher, another Aussie singer/songwriter who ended up co-writing and co-producing her new album.“Her and I met because we had several people over the years say to us that we should meet and we should collaborate so we just kind of gravitated toward each other and said ‘Hi, hi!

So and so said I should meet you.’ And we kind of felt like we’d met even though we hadn’t.

”The inspiration for returning to music came when Missy was asked to play as part of Lilith Fair in 2010.

Missy said performing for and interacting with fans changed her perspective on what she had thought was a more “selfish pursuit.”“Sarah Mc Lachlan invited me on her tour, the Lilith Fair tour and yeah, at that time I hadn’t played in years and I was kind of pretty skeptical about it.

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