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She is an American singer, a songwriter and a musician who is known best for her alternative rock band 10,000 maniacs in 1981.

She has been active in the music industry since then. She was born to parents Anthony and Ann Merchant as their third child.

Currently, Natalie isn't dating anyone which simply means she is possibly single.

The beautiful 50 years old singer has a glorious career as she involved in singing, songwriting and many other musical activities.

She lives in a small mountainside village outside Malaga in Southern Spain where her husband is from, winter is spent in Hawaii, and springtime is spent in Japan appreciating the blossoms in Kyoto - Merchant's "favorite city in the world".

They spend the rest of the year in Upstate New York where Merchant grew up.

She is quite influenced by her grandparents as they interested in music.When she was a child, her mother listens to music and encouraged her to learn it but she restricted her to watch TV until she was 12. She used to work for health food store and considered a career in special education before 1981.Her musical career started since 1981 when she collaborated with 10,000 Maniacs.Natalie was married to Daniel de la Calle in 2003 at an intimate ceremony. After being together for almost 9 years couple had divorced in 2012 and she indicates it through an interview. The couple first encounter in 1993 and eventually had a romantic relationship.Primarily getting married to Daniel, she was in a relationship with Michael Stipe who is a band member of R. However, the couple couldn't handle their relationship and get apart from one another.

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