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Steve frequently shows up in Dan's videos (mainly Nerd³ Battles - previously Father and Son Days), however, his mother and sister rarely do.

His mother previously appeared on the video, "Nerd³'s Mother and Son-Days - GTA Online" which is the first, and last episode of the Mother and Son-Days series.

More recently, however, he has turned it into a Toys channel where he reviews toys or other products, such as his full-size Dalek.

Originally known for his Minecraft web-comic, he is now famous for his comedic gaming videos, humor, and his vlogging series.

A Strawpoll conducted on the Nerdcubed subreddit on the 12th of January, 2016 has shown a 3 to 1 ratio of the most popular Rebel and Decca names. As a result Rebecca has become more vocal and involved in the community.

), better known online as Official Nerd Cubed or Nerd³, is a UK gamer well known for his rapid editing style and one-episode Let's Plays on his main channel, Official Nerd Cubed.

Basically, he's doing what he wants, and it's awesome., as it featured THIS GAY KISS!

In Late 2013 Dan decided it was time for him to move countries to live with his 'long time girlfriend', so started The Nerd³ Drought during the moving process, however there were complications, leading to Dan having to create The Nerd³ Silence.During this time, no scheduled videos will be published to the channel, but Twitch streams will still occur when appropriate.The break has since ended on September 15th, 2017 when he uploaded 2 videos he recorded before his break, new videos began on the 16th of September and a new episode is uploaded every saturday.They've also asked me if I would kindly (I say they asked me kindly. They shouted.), they asked me kindly if I would not show things like THIS GAY KISS! *shows footage of the kiss* in any future or current videos.

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Instead of doing a typical Let's Play, he examines the game in a 15-30 minute video, reminiscent of Total Biscuit's "WTF Is?

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