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He was born during a storm at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, and it was a difficult delivery.

Within a year he was signed to appear in an NBC television series and as the lead in a movie."But I later found out that he'd run a speakeasy and was a bartender in the Bronx.There was a great desire to measure up and not bring your backward ways with you." Thus the performing arts were not on his career agenda, Gallagher noted, when he entered Tufts University in Boston as an economics major."My father was paying for my education, so I wanted him to get his money's worth," he explained in an interview with People writer Michael A.Lipton, adding, "I was scared to study acting because I was afraid I'd lose my passion for it." For three years, Gallagher performed with the Boston Shakespeare Company, and spent summers working at the Priscilla Beach Theatre in Whitehorse Beach, Massachusetts.

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Also performed with the Boston Shakespere Company, and at the Priscilla Beach Theatre, Whitehorse Beach, MA, and Long Wharf Theatre, Connecticut.

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