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🤩 I LOVE training with @clind - she challenges me with fun and alternative exercises. Right around the same time the two both attended the March 1 hockey game, Bro posted a topless photo of herself with her hair wrapped up in a towel, just casually overlooking L. It's still TBD if they've DTR-ed, especially given the fact that Bro follows Zac on Instagram, but not vice versa.C'mon, Zac, channel some of that Troy Bolton romance and give the people what they want to know!The March 2 post simply had two heart emojis— UMMM hello? With a big awards show around the corner, this actor has a busy weekend ahead.Zac Efron is a talented actor who has appeared in many popular films, but it would be a shame to overlook one of his best attributes: his abs!

So, unfortunately, this one probably didn’t happen!

A quick scroll through Bro's feed and it's clear the girl isn't a fan of sitting still. To keep up that bangin' athlete figure, she's sweats her way through intense workouts to the likes of boxing, ab sessions, and strength training. The only flowers Zac’s posted, however, were of roses (and him out of focus in the background because, art) on Valentine’s Day with the caption, “Happy Valentine’s Day!

And if the rumors are true, the coupling makes even more sense now, given Zac's open love affirm with the gym..you seen those Back in the gym after a couple of days off. I love you all.”TBH, wondering if that message was for Bro... “Genuinely happy.” Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

News that the couple “looked like they were having a great time.” Though they were not “overtly publicly affectionate,” we’re convinced the two are dating. In a gorgeous photo Bro posted on Instagram seven days ago, she can be seen looking out on houses presumably in Los Angeles. But fans aren’t focused on her tan lines or bare back.

Bro follows The Lucky One actor on Instagram, but Efron does not follow her back. However, earlier this week, the 23-year-old swimmer surprised fans with a photo of flowers on her Instagram story. She is sporting a towel on her head and a swimmer’s tan.

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