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There is no need to have a second floor policy nor a telephone policy: same rules as on the first floor and phone is same as live. People are using social media at work and at home in ways that could impact that company (like bad mouthing customers or competitors, thinking that it’s personal and not imputed to the company).

This should be addressed in policies rather than sticking our heads in the sand.

Kevin: My policy does and solves the legal problem. I’ll continue working to find solutions that work for each individual client.

In fact, recent Board law holds that portions of their own model policy (see above policy ¶ 5) are illegal. 120 (May 30, 2014) (termination of employee for disclosing client charges is legal but rule forbidding disclosure of confidential information is illegal). Of course, even a confidentiality policy that does not explicitly state that wages are not confidential information could be “unlawful” now, so it’s not like the NLRB is using a lot of common sense.

Kevin: Phil’s policy is illegal under 2014 Board case law, which trumps the 2012 guidance from the Board’s general counsel.

Employers must weigh the benefits of a carefully crafted social media policy that can protect their interests in the new, constantly connected world, versus the risk that the NLRB may come knocking.This week is Valentine’s Day and love is in the air!Significant others will be showering loved ones with gifts and many offices will be full of flowers, candy, and balloons.Thus, employers need to deal with three discrete concerns: (1) use of social media in evaluating applicants; (2) limits on social media content by existing employees; and (3) lost work time in using social media at work.Here is a social media policy based off of the Board’s own model.* Use of social media presents certain risks and carries with it responsibilities. Guidelines: Social media can mean many things, and includes all means of communicating or posting information or content of any sort on the Internet, including to your own or someone else’s web log or blog, journal or diary, personal web site, social networking or affinity web site, web bulletin board or chat room, whether or not associated or affiliated with the company, as well as any other form of electronic communication, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

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