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It follows this convention before 1956: Where TT stands for the one, two, or three symbol tube type code, C is the change code, F is the factory and/or country code, and M is the month of manufacture.On the bottom of octal base tubes the code is usually FM/TTC.The year and month started to be used at this point after 1956, so the change code is not really necessary in newer tubes to pinpoint a manufacture date.The purpose of these codes, indeed all of the change code, is unclear from original Dutch Philips documentation.

Here is an example of a Mullard Blackburn, UK factory date code: The first line is r X2. 2 is the change code, probably a 2nd production run with updates from run #1. The B is Blackburn, UK Mullard factory, the 2 is 1962, the J is October, and the 5 is the 5th week of the month. Mullard tubes are the only coded tubes I have seen that SOMETIMES do this, another clue to a genuine Mullard tube.Now that we have a little one at home, it is much harder to get out for date night.We have been getting really creative over here to still have quality time date nights that can be done after the kiddo is in bed.Therefore, batch 0 was 0, batch 1 was 1, batch 10 was A, and so forth until the end of the list.This new code allowed for 35 tube batches after which, it must have repeated from the start again.

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