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This includes physical, emotional, and sexual safety.

Creating a specific safety plan with each youth, looking at all the options available, is a priority at Prevail.

Prevail officers supportive services that help teens who have been in an unhealthy dating relationships.

Safety plans can include identification of support people, how to call law enforcement, individual rights, protective order information, coping mechanisms to use to calm down in a stressful environment, and more.

We plan to contact the media and have them visit a few of these areas where various groups of youth will be working and spread our story.

The youth are really excited, and I think it will be very successful.

The stake is planning a boat dance (maybe dinner too? I assume they are planning a testimony meeting & I wouldn't be surprised if they kicked it off with a fireside the night before or maybe the Sunday before.

~Stacey Write or call the Humanitiarian Sort Center and ask for a copy of 'Humanitarian Service Project Guidelines' Sort Center - Humanitarian Service Projects 1665 Bennett Rd. We got the kids an army green t-shirt that said MASH on it.

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